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Max Dawson
For Senior Max Dawson, not everything has come easy, but one thing that has is school.

From football to school work, Dawson has found a way to balance his busy schedule: by not studying.

Since as long as Dawson can remember, school has been a breeze: “From elementary school to middle school the work got a little harder, so around fifth grade I realized that I really didn’t have to study.”

Dawson was nervous his first semester of high school because he was given warnings by his middle school teachers: “All my teachers would tell me that high school is different and if you didn’t study in middle school you were going to have to start, but that never happened for me.”

Though Dawson doesn’t have to study, he admitted that he is a kinesthetic learner: “I’m a very hands-on learner, if the teacher just talks then it’s difficult for me.”

Dawson’s tactics may make some jealous: “For the first few weeks of class I’ll pay attention, but once I get the hang of it I’m good… In Math, if I do a problem once, I know it.

Doing problems and worksheets in class is all Dawson needs to prepare for future quizzes and tests.

How could one give so little effort, yet achieve so much?

Since middle school, Dawson has had straight As and a 4.2 GPA, until this past year when his non studying technique caught up to him.

“Up until last year, I had gotten all As. But, I didn’t study for Mr. Slaven’s Advanced Chem 2 Final, and didn’t do very well, so I got my first B.”

Dawson’s adapted to the non studying techniques, but with a packed schedule for his senior year, maybe things will take a turn. But Dawson doesn’t think so.

Max Dawson, Senior Contributor

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