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Marina Jones
Faith, family, friends and fun. Those were the five pillars Canfield High School physics teacher inspired hundreds with in the equation for a wholehearted life at the 2016 CHS National Honors Society Induction—in a heartwarming parallel—Senior, Marina Jones expressed much of the same sentiment of those virtues in her own everyday life.

“This past year I became a youth leader,” said Jones when asked to explain the role her faith plays in making her life her own. “It changes how you live. You have kids watching you and you’re responsible for how you act. My relationship with God has grown a lot as well,”

On the topic of public misconception regarding her own self and others, Jones spoke at length to the hypocrisy often associated with individuals who practice the Christian faith.

“If you’re actually pursuing Jesus with everything you have and you know that God’s love is love, you won’t embody any of those traits,” speaking of the frequent dissimulation and perceived judgement from people of faith.

The philosophy that guides Jones’ life is that of grit, hard-work, and dedication.

“If you give your all, everything that is to come as a result should be for the greater good.”

Upon exiting high school in the coming Spring, Marina hopes to pursue a career in dental hygiene. Citing her own experiences as motivating factors in the decision.

In all journeys that Jones embarks on, she carries with her God’s word, love, and promise—and in return finds herself on the well-marked path for a fulfilled, wholehearted life.


-Vincent Patierno

Marina Jones, Senior Contributor

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