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Red and black attack! Go cards! Makayla Jageman, along side four of her teammates, coach the oldest division of the Canfield Little Cardinals cheerleading squad and she is currently preparing them to compete in the Steel Valley Cheer Competition.

Makayla is a senior football cheerleader at Canfield High School this year. She attends every CLC practice and every game. She even meets with the head supervisor outside of the regular practices to discuss what she wants to do with the team for their upcoming competition.

“I’m so excited to see my girls compete this year! This specific group of girls has really been working hard and they want it even more than most of the girls I have had in the past”, said Jageman.

If the CLC Midgets bring home the trophy this year it won’t be their first.

I cheered for three years of CLC when I was younger and we won my last two years, which was 5th and 6th grade. Which started the now seven year winning streak that is held up by Canfield," Jageman told me.

Unlike a lot of sports for younger children, the girls can't just show up and expect to bring home a trophy no matter what. The team’s competitiveness teaches them that they need to practice and put in the work if they want to win.

“Competition is a lot of work! The girls always have been rivals with Boardman because we are so similar in size and the ability to show off a wonderful performance. The reason we come out on top is because my girls understand that you have to be committed to our team”, Makayla said.

Being part of a team means being a family in Makayla’s mind. She hopes to help them learn to work together and to have confidence when they perform.

Makayla ended our interview by saying, “Go Cards! Let’s beat those Spartans!”

- Giannah Marasovich

Makayla Jageman, Senior Contributor

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