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Lilly Economus
Many of you may know Lilly Economus, a senior, and a active member of the school. You may have seen her around the halls, and one thing that will always catch your eye about Lilly is…

Her style.

Lilly would tell you her style is, “girly and unique but sometimes with an edgy twist.” If you have ever seen Lilly before you would agree that her style is definitely something you don’t always see.

Lilly gets her style inspiration from, “Kendall Jenner, I really like her style a lot, but generally I look on instagram for a lot of outfit inspiration.”

She is an avid follower of New York Fashion week, and when asked if that affects the way she dresses she responded, “ Yes, I am excited to look at fashion week to see the latest trends. I try to incorporate as much as I can, but they wear some crazy outfits , and people here (Canfield)  usually wear more normal clothing.”

When asked about if her style would change if she lived somewhere more stylish and trendy, she replied, “I would definitely dress alot trendier, and take more risks it what I would wear.”

Her favorite go-to outfit to wear is “a pair of good jeans, any kind of tee, and usually a pair of sneakers.”

On picking out her outfits, Economus expressed, “I do, the night before, I always think ahead if I have somewhere to go see what I am going to wear.”

When asked what made her interested in fashion she replied, “Ever since I was little my mom would dress up my sister and I in cute clothes that she's designed herself, and since then I have been into choosing outfits and styling myself.”

Lilly’s style choices have an impact on who she is, and she uses fashion to show everyone who she is.

Fashion has always been a part of Lilly’s life, and it will continue to have an influence of her.

Lilly Economus, Senior Contributor

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