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Layali Kusuni
When most people think of success they put their focus into one particular thing, but for Layali Kusuni, she strives to succeed in every aspect of her life.

When asked about her objective of success Layali said, ”But in everything I do, I want to be successful in school, with my religion, with the connections I make with other people...I just like being hardworking and being able to be proud of what I’ve accomplished.”

Layali remains persistent in balancing her schoolwork, job, extracurriculars, and her friends. She considers these things the foundation of her future prosperity.

“I decided to join the team last year and ever since then I have been practicing for the next season coming up because I’m really excited for it to start,” exclaimed Layali.

She expresses her passion for lacrosse and is enthusiastic about starting a new season with her teammates. As well as this, Layali also demonstrates great team spirit for Canfield High School, alongside her close friends and family.

After being questioned about the relationship between her family and friends, Layali revealed that she is notorious for giving them constructive criticism. In response to this, she replied,” I like to give them my true and honest opinion…”. Aside from this Layali said,” I really value my relationships with my friends and family because they mean a lot to me, and I build strong connections with them.”

One thing that drives Layali to thrive in everything she does is her parent's influence to”try her hardest”. As well as this, Layali also stays determined to perform every task diligently by focusing on her goal and her end result. In her motto, she verbalizes,” I think you should try to do your best in everything that you do.”


Layali Kusuni, Junior Contributor

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