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Lauren Stephens
Lauren Stephens was born in the wrong generation. Movies, fashion, music and the simple lifestyle in general, reflect the 90s era, which plays a big part in Lauren’s life. Why the 90s? One may ask. “It just fits my style, I like the contrast of the casual vibes mixed with the vintage high fashion looks,” Is what Stephens had to say.

Some interests that Lauren has, is fashion and modeling. She draws most of her outfit inspirations from a wide variety of designers. Lauren stated without hesitation her fashion reflects, “...supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and Claudia Schiffer”.

When asked to describe your fashion in one word, Lauren had to think for a minute. Then she said “I’m gonna say experimental; most of the time I’m pretty minimal, but depending on my mood, that is how I dress.” She also explained her favorite stores to shop at with the following description: “When I’m looking to splurge, I like to go to Barney’s NY, Reformation for lots of basics, and when I’m feeling kind of grungy, I like to go to Unif.”

As many people may know, a lot of 90s fashion trends are making an appearance in the day of age, which Lauren is excited about. She stated, “...however, one thing i’d like to see more of, is more preppy sets. Like matching sets or more monochromatic looks.” Lauren really enjoys how they come together and look cute and complete with an aesthetic finish.

Another topic Lauren shows interest in, are the movies/ TV shows created during the 90’s time frame. When asked to compare 90s and today’s movies, Lauren had a very detailed answer. She claimed, “today's movies are very similar to each other, and their plots are very predictable, but if you look back at 90s movies each genre has a similar recurring theme but it seems as though the idea of each film is drastic in its own way.”

Lauren also included, “I would say that since my favorite movie genre is teen films, some of my favorite movies would be Clueless, Empire Records, and The Craft...because thats my vibe.” From these movies, Lauren loves to find new ideas for her fashion sense and see how she can incorporate them into her own daily lifestyles.  

Most people live in the moment, but for Lauren Stephens, living in the past is much more enjoyable and interesting.

Lauren Stephens, Junior Contributor

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