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To many people, driving can be quite a boring activity. Sitting in one stationary spot as well as paying attention to everything around may not seem enjoyable to most. Some may even see it as scary, as they put their lives and others' lives in their own hands the second they sit behind the wheel.

Although not everyone has this fear and hatred toward driving, Kiera Toohey claimed “driving is one of her favorite things to do.”

“I am the person you hear outside your house blaring my music and just driving. I just drive far out to many different areas and explore while I look at houses,” said Toohey. 

She explained her love of driving and having the power to go wherever whenever she pleases. Not only does she drive and blare her music, she drives long distances to house hunt “for the fun of it.”

Toohey does not take on these long two hour drives alone. Her friends are always on board to “just hop in the car, drive for two or three hours and just get lost."

“Sometimes when I drive for so long, my brain takes over and just drives for itself, such a mindless thing for me to do,” she explained.

Driving to Kiera is “an escape from the boring days and nights for teenagers in Canfield, Ohio.”

Everyone experiences the stresses of everyday life and everyone needs their time to regroup before putting themselves back in a stressful situation. 

Toohey also explained how her love for driving grew deeper over this past summer season. Not only did Toohey and her friends house hunt far into random townships down long country roads, they went inside and toured open houses to get a glimpse of beautiful mansions.

Not only did these trips give Toohey and her friends fun summer days, it gave Kiera the ability to take her mind away from the real stresses in life.

- Lexi Burdman

Kiera Toohey, Senior Contributor

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