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Justin Frankford
Sophomore year. Justin Frankford is eager to start his second year of high school. Justin is looking forward to sophomore year because he has less classes this year as opposed to freshman year, which means he had more time to learn and study.

He is looking forward to taking Anatomy and Physiology because he wants to be a Chiropractor or Police officer. He is interested in becoming a Police Officer because it looks like a cool and easy job to have in a small city like Canfield. He is interested in being a Chiropractor because it would be a well paying easy job. Wood shop is another class Justin is eager to take because he enjoys building stuff. The third class Justin is looking forward to is German 1 because part of Justin’s heritage is German, so he wants to learn more about the language and heritage.

Although Frankford wasn't involved in any sports or extracurricular activities last year, he is looking to join the Track and Field team during Spring for the first time. Justin believes that being part of a sport or extracurricular is important.

“I wasn't in any sports last year, but I want to be involved in a sport this year so that I am involved in something and I am around my friends”.

During his free time, Justin likes to hang out with his friends and ride bikes throughout the city of Canfield. He also likes to film YouTube videos of himself messing with his friends. Justin and his friends built a tree-house in his friends backyard because he enjoys making things with wood and because him and his friend wanted a cool place to hang out in.

Justin Frankford, Sophomore Contributor

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