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Joe Scolieri

As incredible as the scar on his right wrist might seem, Joe Scolieri’s fashion sense is even better. To Scolieri you can never go wrong with a suit. 

Especially the Hugo Boss selection. 

“I’ve always, I like suits, I don’t wear them though, I don’t wear “dressy,” said Scolieri.

When asked about the latest fashion trends he was not at all hesitant to say his opinion. Scolieri is not a big fan of skinny or ripped jeans and doesn’t understand why they’re apart of the men’s fashion lines.

His opinion on white or black suits would possibly explain the gregarious trait about him. 

Scolieri said, “ell it really depends, like a white tux is very vibrant. I would like to wear one one day,” as he laughs. “I feel like it lacks formality though, as for the black tux it’s traditional, you know, a white tux gives more of a party vibe.” 

During the interview Scolieri said, “ Yes, I guess I am, my dad is and I guess my mom is as well definitely” when asked if he was a fashionista on the inside. He said sadly, “I don’t have any Hugo Boss in my room.”

Scolieri ended the interview with “ Men's fashion is very good. Again Hugo Boss is one of my favorites. I’m a big fan of vintage suits, I really like that idea. Many times they have the slim cuts and I really do like that style. They also have the two-vents and I really like the no vents if I’m being totally honest.


Joe Scolieri, Junior Contributor

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