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Jillian Mt. Castle
With the 2017 - 2018 school year commencing, students take the time to reflect on what defines themselves academically and socially. For some, the major focuses are sports or social standards driven. For Jillian Mt. Castle, the focus is geared towards individuality and expressing her true self.

“Throughout the course of this year I just want to remain being my true self and not letting others influence me or my actions, and what I want to do," said MtCastle.

Before attending Canfield Schools, Mt. Castle grew up in Kent and because of the lack of acceptance she received from her friends, felt it necessary to hide how she wanted to express herself.

Changing schools and establishing friendships with accepting people allowed her to feel comfortable conveying her true personality without being afraid of receiving backlash. Because of this acceptance and support, she began to not care what others think and now prides herself on her honest and blunt character.

“My friends and family say that I’m always honest with them, so they trust coming to me for advice and like hanging out with me because I’m genuine. They know I’ll never sugarcoat anything, because it doesn’t benefit anyone, it only hurts people in the end,” said Mt. Castle.

Mt. Castle demonstrates her true self by being social and active both in the classroom and in sports, specifically basketball and track. As well as expressing her carefree character through her fashion choices and demeanor, choosing not to focus on others judgement.

“I plan on not caring what people think about my clothing. Even some of my closest friends are quick to judge my clothings choices, but I’m not going to let that affect how I present myself,” Mt. Castle commented.

Mt. Castle looks forward to partaking in her passions and encouraging self expression for every student and individual, continuing to be a role model herself.

Jillian Mt. Castle, Sophmore Contributor

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