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Jenna Allender
Often times the people that stand out the most in school usually fit into the category of loud, extroverted, or charismatic. But Jenna Allender, manages to showcase her talents all while remaining true to her quiet, introverted, calm personality. A self proclaimed wallflower, Jenna is a prime example of how the most reserved people really do have the most to say and make the background much more interesting then what’s in the spotlight.

A master of many trades, Allender can switch hats from an artist, to a musician, or suddenly emerge with makeup and costume skills. But with these talents comes emotions, or rather the specificity of the emotions.

“I’m a very patient person. Especially with art I have to have a certain emotion to do it. My emotion changes with how I feel almost every week, so I have to set it aside until I feel that emotion again to be able to continue with that piece,” comments Allender, “I get the same way with clothes. I’ll find a really weird, quirky shirt and love it and want to wear it every day, but the next week I’ll hate it because my emotions changed.”

These change in emotions come with the title that Jenna describes herself: an introvert. A person who works best alone, Allender pushes herself out of her comfort zone to create memories and opportunities.

“I’m partially unapologetically me and the other part i have terrible social anxiety. This year has been good though. I’ve been socializing and trying new things, but I still like to be myself. My best memories are ones where i was spontaneous. Even after if I kind of regretted it, it was still a good memory, so even if it turned out bad I was still glad I did it,” says Allender.

These obstacles do not come in the way of how Allender wants others to perceive her or who she seeks to be. She strives to show off her quirks and carry them throughout life, opting for an eccentric persona that reflects who she truly is.

“I wanna be like a weird uncle. You know how there’s always that weird uncle that’s very chill, laid back, he’ll show up at your house and be like “let’s go to target” or just take you to random places and buy you a bunch of weird things and then just disappear for three weeks? That’s who I wanna be,” proclaims Allender, “You're always so happy to see them. But I don’t even have a weird uncle. I want to be one though.”

Allender is a firm believer in reflecting genuineness, even if it the characteristics do not quite fit the standards of normality. She highlights the importance of individuality.

Jenna Allender, Junior Contributor

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