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Isabella Morehart
For thousands of years, art has been a way to express emotion and influence people.  It flourished during the Renaissance, a period where artists like Donatello, Da Vinci, and Michelangelo created some of history’s most well known pieces.  Today, many people seem to have lost interest in art. For Isabella Morehart, however, it’s a passion.

For years, Isabella would draw and paint, a skill which she easily picked up at young age.

“When I was four I started to draw eyes.  Realistic eyes. I was little, and I guess everyone drew everything back then.  But as I got older, I just stuck with it and improved as time went on,” said Morehart.

Her talent impressed her mother and many others.  To Morehart, drawing seemed to be a skill that was hereditary.

“My dad is an artist, and my mom is an interior designer.  I was just kind of born into it in a way – like the skill was passed down to me,” she said.

Morehart also understands the demand of art nowadays, as well as the difficulty that accompanies her as an artist.

“People don’t always want it.  They think if I can draw a certain picture I can draw something they want.  But it’s not always like that – it’s much more complicated. I've sold a few in the past, but it’s difficult to sell my drawings,” she said.

Morehart claims her drawings are unique in the sense that they do not conform to a particular style

“I don't have a certain style, but my artwork is done free-handed.  I have never been one to trace using stencils or pictures. I just don't like it.  What I draw or how I draw really depends on how I'm feeling,” said Morehart

Morehart plans to improve upon her craft, and encourages others to try drawing themselves.

“I draw to relax and let my mind free.  Even if you’re not the artistic type, I really recommend picking up some colored pencils and drawing when you’re stressed– it's really fun,” she concluded.

Isabella Morehart, Freshman Contributor

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