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Hannah Stein
It is often said that having a twin is like being born with a built-in best friend, a partner in crime, a second half, and the one person who is able to know exactly what the other is thinking. Yet how does anyone know if any of these claims are true without being a twin themself? They don’t.

Although, according to Hannah Stein, a twin herself, all of the above has played out to be true in her journey through life thus far.

A life that she lives alongside her twin sister, Ally.

“There is no doubt about it,” Stein says, “growing up so close to someone else, almost as if you and that person were one person at times was challenging. But I couldn’t imagine where I would be in life without my sister, she really is my best friend and has made me the person I am today.”

Stein believes that each and every day she and Ally become closer in some way, and that they share a bond unlike no other.

“It’s like she knows exactly what I am thinking and I know exactly what she is. We constantly put words into each other’s mouths and finish one another’s sentences. I can’t even put a number on the amount of times we have blurted out the same thing at once,” Stein said.

Hannah and Ally share a lot of the same interests and abilities, such as playing soccer and participating in school extracurriculars, withholding starting positions in both high school and club soccer, as well as leadership roles in the junior class.

“She pushes me to be my best in everything that I do, and I can’t help but do the same for her,” says Stein.

Stein professes that the best part of having a twin is knowing that they will always be there for the other, no matter what kind of obstacles life may throw at them.

“Ally has been the one I know I can always rely on. She really is like my second half, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Stein concludes.

Hannah Stein, Junior Contributor

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