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Grace Ramun
Most people know coffee as beverage to wake you up and give you energy to go on with your day. To Grace Ramun it is more than that, she has been using coffee as a way to invigorate herself but more importantly to connect with new people.

For about two years now Ramun has been starting her days off with a cup of coffee every morning. It can be hot, iced or a different flavor, Ramun never fails to get her daily dose.

“The reason I liked it right away was because it wasn’t like any thing we had here,” said Grace Ramun about a coffee shop, Collectivo, located in Wisconsin. This coffee shop initially sparked Ramuns interest in coffee and it has not decreased since.

Not only does she enjoy coffee from Collectivo but she also takes interest in High Octane, Branch Street, and Starbucks but, the coffee shop that really appeals to her is Stone Fruit.

"I would drive twenty minutes to the Columbiana location every weekend because I didn’t know there was one in Boardman, that’s how much I loved their coffee,” Ramun explained about Stone Fruit.

“When the Canfield location opened I would go there every day, and talk to the baristas,” she continued to explain. This daily routine eventually got Ramun her current job at Stone Fruit as a part-time barista.

This job opportunity made Ramuns love for coffee even stronger and added to her so called coffee “addiction”. It has also gave her new friends, her co-workers.

Ramun even connects with the customers, while taking their orders or making their coffee, she always finds a way to spark a conversation.

Even when she is not working you can be sure to find Grace Ramun at a Stone Fruit drinking her coffee and laughing with friends.


Grace Ramun, Junior Contributor

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