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Most of us have expectations to meet, sometimes those expectations makes us lose who we truly are. That is not the case with Grace Mangapora, the youngest child of the (locally) famous basketball family, known not only for the their terrific basketball careers but also their excellent academics.

Between basketball, volleyball, and academics, it must be hard for one to juggle in between.

“I’ve always played basketball when I was younger with my papa so the sport came to me naturally. Then with the help of my sister, I also got involved with volleyball. I love the two sports I play but I understand the importance of education so I always put the most time into school work,” said Mangapora.

Canfield High School Girls Basketball is currently 12-3, how does one many to improve and sharpen their skills when presented with such good teammates and competitors.

Mangapora replied, “I would always watch basketball videos in my free time, that’s how I learn and improve my skills.”

Mangapora is currently a sophomore, but when asked if she had plans to play college level basketball she happily replied “ I hope that I would get the chance to, my dad, sister, and brother all played so their my biggest inspiration and I’m trying my hardest to follow their footstep.”

She goes to her sister’s games whenever she can.

“Seeing my sister play on the court makes me want to work harder, I also want to keep the tradition and wear number forty-four, the number that my grandpa has worn and so has my dad, sister, and brother," Mangapora said.

Grace is anticipating to do great things this season. She also hopes that more people come to attend the games, “the more the merrier," Mangapora exclaimed.

Grace Mangapora, Sophomore Contributor

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