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Grace Davidson
While most girls spend their days on social media, either snapping the day away or scrolling through posts, Grace on the other hand spends hers running the family Restaurant, listening and playing music, and restoring an old house.

Grace's future consists of Kent state, where she plans to become a special education teacher, and even plans to take over her family restaurant Davidson’s. Grace's restaurant has been around 30 years, which has given her enough time to learn all the ropes. She enjoys the free food aspect of the job and plans to “make bank,” once she is able to take over. “The restaurant makes all kinds of amazing food- my favorite being the french fries,” Davidson said. despite what some of the yelp reviews state.

Peeling back another one of Grace’s layer consists of her time spent in the band, and driving around with her friends in her orange mini cooper. Music is a huge part of Graces life, whether she is front row at a concert or marching on Friday night blasting her trumpet.  She loves the hectic atmosphere, as well as how to music make her feel.

Grace plans to make her senior spectacular. Splitting her time between her pets, friends, and school work she is determined to make this year her best one yet, and is not going to let anything get in her way.

Grace Davidson, Senior Contributor

Dec 11, 2018
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