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Cheering, tied game, anxious, excited, and pumped are all words to describe that "one" game - a home game in the new student section, the game is tight, and everyone is excited. 

The black out game against Chardon was one of Gina’s most memorable story so far in high school. 

Gina broke her ankle in the midst of the student section. 

Gina described her pain: “I felt so helpless like my ankle was as strong as a feather, but I thought I only sprained it,” as number four sprints down the field the student section begins to roar as they jump and cheer.

As he passed every obstacle in his way and making to the end zone there is no stopping the excitement. 

“The boys started freaking out and pushing and literally tackling in the middle of the bleachers. I was pushed and all my weight and another body fell on my ankle and I knew something was wrong” 

As the students calmed down more realized what had happened and she needed to be take out of the bleachers. Someone ended up carrying Gina out of the bleachers and down to an area more safe. 

“I had to tell a firefighter that I was there and they put me on a golf cart and I had to be taken to the hospital,” Gina said she was embarrassed and still thinks about this story a lot.   

Although the student section is connected to a scary memory, Gina still enjoys jumping and cheering in the bleachers today.

Gina Dascenzo, Senior Contributor

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