The Cardinal

Family. Sports. Regardless of what it is, Gina Dascenzo loves to do it all.


Gina is a Family oriented person. She puts family before everything. She has two brothers Anthony, and Nick. Her father is Frank and mother is Michele. She has a very big family with two Grandmas and one Grandpa, and lots of cousins. “I like to spend lots of time with my baby cousins when there in town,” said Dascenzo.

Gina’s Family is most important to her. She is always eating big dinners with her family every Sunday.

“Sunday dinners are the best,” she said. 

Gina said that she loves the quality time she gets with her family frequently.


Gina has very large friend group it consists of about every Junior in her class. She’s very kind and nice to everybody she meets and talks to. Gina’s best friends Are Tara  Santoro, Athena Poulas, Joey Digiacomo, Aren Villiano, Kaelyn Cleevely, and so on.

“ I love my best friends I couldn't ask for better people in my life than them,” she said. 

She loves hanging out at friends house watching movies with them messing around. “We all love to have fun and enjoy ourselves we fight a lot but all get along.  


Gina is entertained by all sports, She loves to play them all but does not enjoy to be on a extracurricular team. “ I love to watch football and go to Friday night games when the boys play.” Footballs enjoyable for Gina she enjoys watching her friends play and be successful at it.

“ I just never seemed to be good at sports that's why I don't want to play on a team rather than just playing with friends. Mostly all of my friends are great at sports, so watching them succeed is awesome.”

Gina Dascenzo, Junior Contributor

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