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Greek, Mexican, Irish, African, Hawaiian, Indian, and Jamaican are several different examples of different cultures. Starting with musical backgrounds and dances that coordinate with their own customs, many students celebrate there ethnic differences in Canfield High School.

Croatian Dance (Tamburitzans)

This form of dance is performed in a line and involves singing and dancing with foreign instruments. This specific type of dance originated in Croatia and the tradition was passed down from generation to generation for amusement. To practice the culture around the world through their common love for music.

“Croatians have been doing these kind of dances and playing music on these instruments since before they gained independence. But my group has been dancing together for forty or fifty years. Other groups have been dancing for even longer than that,” said Marasovich.

She told me that she loves playing the instruments and is excited for upcoming events  that happen on Saturdays and Sundays around the local area. She also looks forward to one day earning the honor to perform in Croatia with her friends and family.

Giannah stated, “I’m in the Junior Tamburitzans, so it's like up until age twenty-one people can dance till they have to move up into a new group. The biggest place to perform our twelve minute routine is in Zagreb, Croatia. So if we go to Croatia that year people that have graduated from their group can come back and the age limit for the trip that year moves up to twenty-one .”

Marasovich loves to show her talent off with her friends and loves to see all of the people come to watch her perform with her friends.

She states, “I play an instrument called the bugaria which is like a guitar with less strings”

Giannah Marasovich, Senior Contributor

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