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Gabby Sammarone
As a student, stress is the ultimate enemy of productivity. Gabby Sammarone, a senior of Canfield High School, will tell us how she manages her life. Having to face difficult classes like AP Government, Physics, and also having involvements in school clubs, how does one manage to balance their life out?

Gabby Sammarone, a senior of Canfield High School, will tell us how she manages her life.

When asked about what she does for fun, Gabby stated, “ I like to listen to music, read and my favorite is doing yoga.”.

When asked further about why yoga is her favorite activity, she tells us that “Yoga is an activity that is calming, the environment helps me get in my zone and relaxes”.

Gabby likes to engage in yoga at least twice a week. Sometimes, she brings her older sister alone.

“My older sister is the one that got me into yoga, actually. Giavanna, my older sister, started to work a couple years ago and she just brought me along too”.  

Even with her sister going to college, Gabby and her sister still manages to spend some bonding over yoga.

Gabby also shared that “ever since I got involved with yoga, my health has improved greatly, everyone should try yoga at least once in their life”.  

“There are two types of yoga, the Yin and the Yang. I would recommend beginners to try the Yin because it focuses on the mental mindset and helps them relax. Meanwhile, the Yang will help them get more in shape and is also more strenuous.”

With her wide range of knowledge in yoga, she hopes that she can help expand it to beginners.

Gabby Sammarone, Senior Contributor

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