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Gabby Sammarone
If you’ve ever seen Gabby Sammarone in the halls, you've probably seen her wearing her signature baggy jeans or her fashionable fitted tops.

When describing her sense of style, Sammarone refers to it as “retro and vintage.” She says people will either find her style unique and fashionable or different and odd.

Many people comment positively on Sammarone’s style so they are often surprised when they find out most of her clothing comes at a cheap price from thrift stores or at no price at all from hand-me-downs.

“A lot of my clothing consists of hand-me-downs from my grandma and mom. I mainly shop at thrift stores and flea markets, but if I had to pick a favorite ‘store’ it would be either Urban Outfitters or Free People,” Sammarone said.

Sammarone usually goes light on the accessories with the exception of necklaces.

“I always wear my shark tooth and cross necklaces; I never take them off. I wear belts with my baggy jeans, but other than that, I don’t accessorize much except I wear earrings on occasion,” Sammarone said.

Sammarone encourages others around her to embrace their sense of style with confidence.

“People might make fun of you for what you wear, but at the end of the day, it’s about what you like and how you express yourself, not what satisfies your peers.”

- Jessica Lee

Gabby Sammarone, Junior Contributor

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