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Gabby Demidovich
You might spot her laughing and making crazy faces in the hallways with her teammates and friends, but is there another side to Gabby than just bubbly?

“I like to hang out with my friends a lot and do weird things just to have fun. Sometimes we just like to dance and sing to let loose. I truly believe that’s one reason my friends and I are all really close,” said Gabby.

Letting loose with her friends is just one thing she enjoys; she plays volleyball and basketball, both for the school and for travel teams, always on going from one practice to another, one season to the next. Practicing with four different teams and making time to have fun with friends would consume most of any average high schoolers time, but Gabby isn’t one of these average high schoolers.

“Most student athletes don't get a lot of recognition because most people don't fully understand how much time school and sports take up combined. There’s been days where I have basketball practice right after school, have volleyball right after that, and, to top it off, have 2-3 hours of homework to do when I get home around nine o'clock,” she explains.

Some people might ask why she has so much homework in the first place, only having five classes, one of which doesn’t give homework. Gabby has a full schedule, consisting of three AP classes, one advanced, and one elective. According to most teachers, one AP course in itself is a lot to handle, let alone three. Imagine having her school schedule along with multiple practices and games daily; that’s a combination for one busy day!  

“Playing two school sports, two travel sports, as well as managing to maintain a 4.3 GPA gets to be really hard. In the end, high school is where I have to work hard so I can get accepted into UNC medical school to become whatever kind of doctor I chose to specialize in.”

Gabby has very high expectations for her future. She is very determined to succeed and accomplish the goals she sets for herself in both the near and far future.

“A lot of people don't really look at me and see a smart girl right away because of my personality and how little free time I have to do my school work,” she claims.

Despite many people stereotyping Gabby’s “blonde” and bubbly personality, she manages to continue down the path of graduating magna summa cum laude, managing her time between three key components in her social life: not only friends and sports, but also in school.

Gabby Demidovich, Junior Contributor

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