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Emma Paris
Say hello to fashion enthusiast Emma Paris, who’s dreams of designing go as far as France. She’s a nice, artistic, creative person who’s not afraid to step out of the box. While talking to Emma, I really got to know her, and found some new things out about her. Let's take a look.

Starting with her family life, she has a younger sister named Anna, and in Emma’s own words, “She is very dramatic, but I love her”. Their relationship is a close one, showing how Emma is someone that anyone can rely on.

Not only does Emma love her younger sister Anna, she also has a deep interest for fashion and dance. “For fashion, I don’t know, it’s always just been who I am, I like to express myself through my clothes and my hair”.

Emma’s expression of her unique style and personality go far beyond high school, taking her through college at Kent State and even farther to places like France or Italy. :If I’m gonna have like a brand, I want it to be based in France or Italy because they're the fashion capitals of the world”.

As you can tell Emma is one who sets her goals high, and dos everything to meet them. Overall, Emma’s an easy-going, light hearted person with a love for her cat Salem, and a mind as unique as her fashion sense. Traveling the world, and creating her own fashion line is high on hair to-do list. Talking with Emma was a great experience,k allowing me to make a new friend through a fun interview.

Emma Paris, Senior Contributor

Mar 29, 2019
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