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Emily Yurchison
Music is something that most people enjoy, and junior Emily Yurchison is no different, but her time in band class has helped her truly love and appreciate it.

Yurchison started playing the clarinet in band in the fifth grade, and has been playing it ever since.

“Being in band takes more effort than people tend to realize. It doesn’t only take up a month of your summer and all of your Friday nights due to marching band, but also runs the entire school year in concert season,” said Yurchison.

She described how band inspired her to learn piano, on which she taught herself bass clef and many songs and continues to attempt today.

Yurchison also explained how close she became with band members over the month of band camp.

“Something around 15% of our school participates in band, so as the largest organization in the school, it provides a lot of opportunities to make friends!” Yurchison said.

She is quite excited for marching band next year, as it is her favorite part of the entire band year.

“It’s often cold and wet, and everyone is tired, but football Friday nights have left me with memories I’ll have forever,” concluded Yurchison.

Emily Yurchison, Junior Contributor

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