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Emily Dunlap
Emily Dunlap is a 18 years old senior at Canfield High School; and if she was not able to sleep, she would spend her extra time painting and doing ballet.

“I began dancing about 5 years ago,  but I started on point about 3 years ago. I love ballet . . . it is a lot of fun, but it is painful.”

While she also loves to do art, she prefers oil painting.

“The consistency (of oil paint) is a lot better to work with than acrylic, and it also drys much slower which gives you more time to work with the piece.”

Emily also enjoys to spend her extra time playing the piano, reading, and doing archery.

“I like to do archery, but not right now because it’s too cold. I usually go to the range they have at the bike trail.”

Even though she does not compete or take her archery skills further than the local bike trail range, she still finds it to be a “very fun” way to spend her time in the warmer months.

Her siblings, Andrew and Natalie, both go to Youngstown State University and are in their freshman and junior years, respectively.

When asked to name the one person she would have lunch with, alive or dead, she said,

“That is a really good question. I would say Jesus. You could ask him about anything. It would be a cool conversation to have.”

If you are every wondering where Emily Dunlap is around Canfield or in CHS, it may be helpful to check the art room or the bike trail to find this artistic and inspiring student!

Emily Dunlap, Senior Contributor

Apr 16, 2019
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