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Emerson Fletcher
Who knew softball would consume so much of Emerson Fletcher's life?

Softball is something that Emerson has put so much time and effort into for years. Eleven years to be exact. Growing up, Emerson got into the sport and has loved it ever since.

“The reason I started playing was because my neighbors daughter played travel softball and said the experience is amazing and I need to try it. And to this day, it is still one of the best decisions I have made,” said Fletcher.

Joining Valley Extreme in Cortland, Ohio has impacted not only Emerson's life, but her whole family's. She has been with that team for nine years now and is going into her final year this coming July.

Whether the position is center field, shortstop or second base, Emerson plays them all.

Fletcher said, “It is so much hard work and dedication put into one sport, but in the end it is worth it. Each year playing 10 tournaments every weekend from the end of June to August is a lot. Also adding on how now a lot of tournaments are for show to get colleges to look at you.”

Softball may be everything for Emerson, but playing for Canfield High School's softball team wasn't for her.

“I tried it out freshman year, but after that it just wasn't for me. The competition was not nearly as great compared to travel. Along with that, the track coach had asked me to run for the team. He told me how heading in that direction would be better for me,” explained Fletcher.

The next step in her career is figuring out if playing softball in college will be beneficial for her and be the best decision.

“It takes a great amount of passion to do the same thing for so many years,” she concluded.

- Tina Maalouf

Emerson Fletcher, Senior Contributor

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