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Dania Bajwa
Dania has never felt as though she needed a sport to define herself, which in a traditional American high school setting is against the grain. However, much of her personality is. She is as genuine as they come.


Dania has always found an interest in Psychology saying, “The only thing I’ve ever been passionate about is psychology and the study of the human mind.”

With the current goal of pursuing a career as a psychiatrist, her interest is peaked by the way that “people can become capable of evil things and at the same time be able to hide it in plain sight.”

Yet, the most interesting trait about Dania is her unique sense of humor. Shortly after talking about the evils of the human mind, her charm strikes as she said, “When I first met you, I lowkey thought you were a sociopath.”

From the outside looking in, this may appear to be slander, but she does not intend it as such, cracking a smile as she speaks.

When asked what she looks forward to most about graduating high-school, her sense of humor strikes again. Both insulting me, while translucently implying her excitement of the freedom that comes with college.

“I guess I’m most excited to be able to leave my classes without being yelled at, and exit the building without a stop sign going off.” She laughed again. Perhaps unsure of what she has even said.

“I don’t know why I’m here,” she concluded, summing up her sarcastic sense of humor in the most genuine way possible.

Dania Bajwa, Senior Contributor

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