The Cardinal

“I have three lizards, two dogs, two cats, two birds, and a hamster. The work it takes to deal with them is a lot, but it is worth it at the end of the day,” said animal lover Cassidy Mersing.

“I could definitely see myself working with animals in my future, I would love to!” Mersing said even though everyone around her sees her doing something with art.

Winning countless awards for her artwork Mersing said, “Although it has become annoying at this point, it comes naturally to me...but I do enjoy it sometimes, if I’m creating what I want.”

Being a part of her high school’s AP art class seemed the most obvious choice for her, even if she has to push herself to finish 29 full pieces by the end of the year. However, when the end of her senior year comes, Mersing is unsure of where to turn.

Being indecisive does not help when you have two futures on completely different ends of the spectrum: “I’m 50-50 with all of my decisions, and I don’t make a choice until the last second when I really have to.”  

With the chance of attending Youngstown State University being high, Mersing knows for sure if YSU does not work out she will go to a college in Ohio.

Being a huge animal supporter and extremely talented artist is where her paths diverge. At this point in time Mersing is unsure of the path she will go down when it comes to the rest of her life. However, she is sure she will figure it out when the time comes.

Cassidy Mersing, Senior Contributor

Oct 05, 2018
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