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Brooke Crissman
To say that Senior Brooke Crissman makes the most of her time here at Canfield High School is a giant understatement. Crissman has devoted a huge majority of her time at Canfield to one of her greatest passions-sports. She is on the softball and basketball team, and in her free time also enjoys running, weightlifting and also a relatively new pastime-yoga.

She discovered her love of yoga through basketball.

“We had to do it for conditioning,” explained Crissman.

From her first lesson, she immediately fell in love, explaining that is was partially due to having amazing instructors.

“I did it at Studio Oxygen, and they’re really good instructors there… they really know what they’re doing and they know how to make people interested,” she said. 

Yoga has helped her not only become more flexible, but it has also significantly improved her performance in the sports that she currently plays.

“Now I’m so much more flexible. It's a lot easier to play softball now- I don't get hurt as much because of it,” she said. 

Outside of school, Crissman is also an avid skier. She developed a love of skiing at a young age due to her parent’s passion for the sport.

Brooke said, “I started skiing when I was 3 because my parents loved it, they would put me in the kid’s camp so that they could go skiing, so I had to learn.”

Initially, things got off to a rough start: “I was never good, but when I got to about 10 or 11, I was finally able to make it down the bunny hill without falling, and that’s when I realized ‘Hey, this is kinda fun!’”

From there on, Brooke’s passion for skiing took off and she’s at the ski slope every chance she gets.

Brooke Crissman, Senior Contributor

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