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Brianna Ventimiglia
In the lives of teenagers, the struggle of growing up, and becoming more mature is  continuous. Most children have trouble adjusting to having adult conversation. Brianna Ventimiglia found an unusual strategy to become more outgoing.

A job in customer service.

In March of 2017, at the age of fifteen years old, Ventimiglia acquired a job at Handel’s Ice Cream and Yogurt in Canfield. She had no idea this would shape her into the person she is today.

“In the years before I got the job at Handel's, I was very shy and struggled with confrontation,” said Ventimiglia.

She had no idea that over the course of the next couple of months, her whole personality would dramatically change for the better.

Ventimiglia said, “Having to talk to customers daily and being forced to deal with complications, confrontation, and other uncomfortable conversations in the workplace has helped me in my own everyday life experiences.”

Although going to work is a burden for her, she is overall grateful for the opportunity to become much more outgoing with her co-workers, customers, and the public, even in her experiences outside of the ice cream shop.

Ventimiglia concludes that she hopes to continue to become more equipped to handle social situations with even more confidence than she has today.

Brianna Ventimiglia, Junior Contributor

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