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Brianna Dunlap
As a 5' 4", medium sized, and white girl Dunlap surprises many with the talent she possesses. She is a fierce athlete; at districts she placed 2nd for discus, 2nd for shot put and was named first team in the AAC. With her family by her side and her own persistent personality, she has no doubt that state is in her future.

“I tend to get intimidated a lot. Throwers are typically bigger girls and are way more muscular than me, but for me it’s not about strength - it’s about skill and physics,” said Dunlap.

With so many events in track and field, discus is one that is often forgotten or unrecognized. However, Dunlap does not let this affect her as she pushes herself harder day by day.

Dunlap stated, “My mom is a big supporter of my sporting events. It’s nice that she really tries to be there because my dad can’t always come because he is working a lot. I remember this one distinct moment where she was standing on the complete other side of everyone else, and after I threw I heard this loud scream. It is usually dead silent.”

Dunlap described her family as impatient, loud, and caring. When her mother planned a surprise birthday party for her, Dunlap had ultimately caught on. However, she pretended she didn't know to make her mother happy.

“Despite all the ups and downs, the support we all have for each other has never and will never diminish,” Dunlap concluded.

Brianna Dunlap, Junior Contributor

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