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Ashley Thompson
At the start of every new year comes a million new resolutions.  Many of these fade out within the first few weeks, or even days after first establishing them.  But Ashley Thompson has something different in mind. She doesn’t have a single goal she wants to stick with, instead her and a few friends have decided to start a bucket list of multiple different things they can do and experience throughout the year.

“I want to be able to remember my life in interesting stories to tell people someday.” Ashley said when discussing what she wants to improve on. Over the years she has become more confident and willing to try new experiences that she will be able to share with her family in the years to come.  

“I used to get embarrassed when the attention was on me, but I went on a vacation with my family recently... one of my aunts dared my cousin to get up and dance in a restaurant for money, but she was too scared.  My sister and I did it for free and we ended up having a lot of fun. I feel like a lot of people miss out on experiences like that because they feel weird about going out of their comfort zone.” Ashley has found that she enjoys life much more when she doesn’t worry about what strangers around her think.  This has allowed her to have fun memories she may not have had otherwise.

“I want to drive to Cedar Point with my friends, go to museums, or travel overseas,” She said, talking about the items on her bucket list.  Ashley has the calm, free-spirited personality that allows her to use new experiences to grow as a person.

Ashley Thompson, Junior Contributor

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