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Annika Lazazzera-Swanson
To Annika Lazazzera-Swanson, life was consumed by family, friends and a home in Pennsylvania. But after facing a hard Spring of 2018, adjustment was a key factor in the future for Lazazzera-Swanson.

Change is what makes now.

When given the news Lazazzera-Swanson had to pack up and come to Canfield, Ohio not only was Lazazzera-Swanson leaving Pennsylvania, but friends and a life once known.

"I like the school more and environment. Everyone's closer together and I enjoy the energy more," said Lazazzera-Swanson.

Not only was Lazazzera pleased with the energy in the environment, but had to become closer with family.

"I talk to my Dad about certain things, but when I can't, I'll go to my Aunts and when I can't do that I'll turn to my best friends I made here," Lazazzera-Swanson claimed.

While making the changes in the present, Lazazzera-Swanson has also began forming adjustments for the future.

Lazazzera-Swanson stated, "I'll most likely be attending YSU. Every profession I've thought about was something I've seen on T.V. Like criminal justice, and a cardiologist, but I've changed my mind every time."

Lazazzera-Swanson has become accustomed to adjustment and she fears none as she steps into the near future.

"Everyone goes through things. Some worse than others, but I have learned that something just as simple as being someone's friend can help them through so much," she concluded.

Annika Lazazzera-Swanson, Junior Contributor

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