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Anna Kan
Being a high school student can mean a lot to many students for many different reasons. For some, high school is about homework, tests, and notes, to others it is about football games, dances and sports. To sophomore Anna Kan, being involved in all of these things has turned high school into a great experience so far.

While being an involved member on the lady cardinals tennis team, when she isn’t on the court she is in the classroom, doing her school work. Along with school and tennis Anna also plays piano in her free time at home.

Even though both of these things are very important to her, she invests the majority of her time on the tennis courts. Kan has been playing tennis for 10 years, and states “if i can get into a good school that has good team then I would play in college.” Only being a sophomore, she has more than enough time to consider playing at the collegiate level.

Tennis has done a lot of Anna, not only giving her something to do almost every day, but because of this sport she “has made many friends that have became some of her close friends.”

Anna plays on the Canfield high school tennis team and along with that she plays all year round and travels, quite often, to places such as Cleveland and Michigan. Kan says that the farthest she has ever gone was to France last summer for a camp.

To Anna tennis has been apart of her life for so long and given so much to her she says that “even though I joke about it all the time I would never quit.” Good luck to you and your fellow lady cardinals this season.

Anna Kan, Sophomore Contributor

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