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Amber Rose
You may already know a little about Amber Rose because she has gone to Canfield her whole life, but there is so much more to learn beyond her academic career as a senior.

To start, she has excelled in playing softball, and values her teammates, “On and off of the field,” as Amber stated. In her free time she enjoys watching T.V. Her favorite shows are either The Good Place or The Office.

She enjoys helping people and animals. She has a golden doodle, and if she could get another dog, she expressed that she would “definitely go with a German shepherd.”

If she had to decide a current job to work, she would work in retail as a present job. She decided that when she goes to college, she expressed that her “top choice would be Kent State, because of their nursing program.”

Amber was recently thinking about life after college and is deciding to be a nurse, either, “orthopedic or the emergency room.” She enjoys helping people and is very compassionate towards others.

The two major things she despises are “whispering and nails on a chalkboard.” Other than her pet peeves, she is very caring, and that is a major reason why she is deciding to work in the medical field.

She prefers science over other subjects, and agrees that “chemistry is very interesting to learn about.”

Amber is very adventurous, and wants to explore the world around her more. She likes traveling, and would either go to “New York or Hawaii”, if she had the chance to go anywhere on a no budget trip.

Music is a big part of her busy life, as well, and she likes listening to artists such as Travis Scott, depending on her mood.

Her style is very bohemian, and has a free spirit towards life itself. She is just trying to figure out which direction to follow, in the vast variety of options to choose from.


Amber Rose, Senior Contributor

Dec 11, 2018
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