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Alexa Grabiec
Ever since Alexa Grabiec was in middle school she knew something in her life was missing.


Alexa got her license September 12th 2016, and ever since then coffee has been apart of her daily routine. “On a normal day I will probably get coffee twice a day, but sometimes I need the extra energy which leads to three,” she said.

Canfield is full of coffee shops: Dunkin Donuts, High Octane, Starbucks, Branch Street, and Stone fruit. According to Grabiec “Stone Fruit and High Octane are by far the best. I  go there so often I know everyone who works there, and I would not want anyone else making my coffee.”

“There is just something about a iced caramel latte  from Stone Fruit that just makes me so happy.” When asked if she has ever tried to cut back on coffee she replied,  “I have, about year ago, I got so lazy I became a lump on a log.”

Coffee has become such a huge part of her life that in two weeks she spent around two-hundred dollars. That is about three iced caramel lattes a day. “ You can say I have a problem, but it is just a lifestyle.”

Grabiec has shared her coffee experience with many people, but the person she loves most sharing it with is her sister. She said, “I really enjoy getting coffee with my sister, she was the person who first introduced it to me. I do believe our  love for coffee really helped create a much stronger bond.”

Coffee is not just a drink to Alexa Grabiec, it is a lifestyle.

Alexa Grabiec, Senior Contributor

Oct 05, 2018
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