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Aidyn Jones started working at a new store called "Pulp" this summer in Boardman, where she mostly cleans up and makes costumers' smoothies.

Now back at school for her senior year, she is an AP art student and spends about half of her day in the art room making projects for her art portfolio due at the end of March.

"Having 3 pieces of art out of 29 is terrifying, I don't know if i'm going to get it done but i'm going to have to," said Jones.

She needs to get 30 to 40 solid pieces in her portfolio if she chose to apply to a fine arts college. When asked what type of art she likes to create she said "I use a lot of black and white drawing mediums like charcoal and graphite" but likes to draw her pictures in a realistic styling.

Although she doesn't mind being in the service industry for now while she is in high school, she does not plan on working there for long considering she will have to quit for when she wants to move away for college.

Jones plans on going to Ohio State University after graduation to possibly major in interior design and minoring in art.

Another hobby Jones said she enjoys doing is working with animals which is another possible career path for her in her future.

"If I were to work with animals in the future I would like to travel to Australia and work with Kangaroos in the wild," Jones said--but currently she only has two dogs, Vincenzo and Salvatore.

Aidyn Jones, Senior Contributor

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