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Abby Stilson
With dazzling eyes and a warm smile, Abby Stilson is quite the young lady. Red is her favorite color, and she likes to coordinate it in her outfits. Due to her Canfield Pride, she owns a lot of red and black clothing.

Aside from her methodical dressing, Abby plays soccer and runs track. Even though she loves soccer, she prefers the individuality of track. “It’s easier to focus more on myself than it is with a team. I just like individual sports.”

Kindness and those who portray it are very important to Abby. “When people are nice to each other, it can mean a lot to someone. If they were having a bad day just saying hi or smiling can make someone feel important.”

If Abby could have dinner with someone (either dead or alive), it would be her grandmother. She believes that spending time with her family is very important. Abby and her grandmother are very close, and spending one on one time with her would mean a lot.

If Abby could live anywhere in the world it would be Paris. “It’s a beautiful city,” Abby exclaimed with a grin. Abby and her family would possibly be traveling there this summer.

When Abby was asked about what made her different, she simply stated, “I just don’t care what people think about me. I do my own thing, whether people like it or not. I'm just purely me." She strives to be kind to everyone and show compassion. To Abby, kindness makes the world go around. 

Abby Stilson, Sophomore Contributor

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