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2017-2018 Staff

Natalie Maras


With this school year quickly getting underway, the seniors of Canfield High School, Class of 2018 has to start figuring out where they want to go to college and perhaps what they want to do in their future.   All first...

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Jack Villano

Senior Contributor

Many students spend a lot of time with their siblings. They live in the same home as them, eat dinner with them and go to school with them. To Jack Villano, though, he and his younger brother do something that few siblings can...

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Aidyn Jones

Junior Contributor

Art is something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings. Not many people can master the skill of art, but is seems that Aidyn has a talent. When I was...

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Gina Landers

Junior Contributor

Teenagers. Their desire to be out and about constantly thrives, their need to be independent from their parents is a priority, and hanging out with their friends is a necessity. However, when it comes to sixteen-year-olds, Gin...

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Dana Brown

Senior Contributor

The Canfield Fair is full of fun times and great food. It’s a family friendly place where children can learn about animals and have fun, but for Dana Brown it’s about showing her horse, Bentley, in the 4H program. The 2017 ...

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Paul Breinz

Senior Contributor

For Paul Breinz football is a priority now and always has been. As a senior captain of the football team and already nominated as a Big 22 player, Paul has some high expectations for himself along with his team for the 2017 seas...

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Tina Maalouf

Senior Contributor

When you ask little girls what they want to be when they grow up, most of them say they want to be famous models. Ones that get to wear cute clothes, beat their face with makeup, and get to walk down the runway. That dream...

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Jaclyn Edelstein

Senior Contributor

One Octave has provided a talented girl a home to expand her horizons and pursue her passion. One Octave is an all female choir group at Canfield High School that explores the world of combing female voices of different r...

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Rosellen Hansing

Sophomore Contributor

In a high school setting being your true self can be extremely grueling. Especially with the worries of social standards, norms, and opinions. But for Rosellen Hansing, this is her year to show CHS who she truly is. Canfi...

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Jillian Mt. Castle

Sophmore Contributor

With the 2017 - 2018 school year commencing, students take the time to reflect on what defines themselves academically and socially. For some, the major focuses are sports or social standards driven. For Jillian Mt. Castle, the...

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Emma Bucheit

Junior Contributor

Canfield High School’s junior, Emma Bucheit, has a lot on her plate. Between classes in school to her photography and band, Emma barely has time for anything else. She also enjoys horseback riding in her spare time. Her main ...

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Ashley Thompson

Sophomore Contributor

You may think having an older sister could be torture, but for Ashley Thompson, it was a blessing. She and her sister are 3 years in age, but have been best friends since the day her sister, Bree, laid eyes on her. Growing u...

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R.J. Thomas

Senior Contributor

  R.J., or Rock, as his friends call him, is a senior this year and is on Canfield High School’s soccer team. He enjoys hanging out with friends and going to parties during the summer. Mr. Rock and the soccer team...

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Sam Bechara

Senior Contributor

Sports conditioning, family vacation, hanging out with friends, are all things that might happen during the summer of a normal high school student. Loud. Adrenaline. The stench of human body odor in the air. Are things that happ...

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Riley Wilkins

Sophomore Contributor

A home, by technical definition, is a place where someone lives or dwells. As a synonym for house or residence, a home is somewhere one permanently lives, but to many people, the word home means so much more than its denotati...

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Eva Lamberson

Senior Contributor

Eva Lamberson is currently a senior entering her fourth year of speech and debate at Canfield High School. She is the program’s president, which consists of designing spirit wear, planning the Canfield tournament, enforcing...

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Emerson Fletcher

Senior Contributor

Who knew softball would consume so much of Emerson Fletcher's life? Softball is something that Emerson has put so much time and effort into for years. Eleven years to be exact. Growing up, Emerson got into the sport and has...

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Jill Baker

Senior Contributor

Mimi and Cubbi are the two most important animals to Jill Baker. Both dogs are senior Jill Baker's best friends and mean the world to her. Mimi is five years old with black fur and Cubbi is three years old with brown and w...

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Kiera Toohey

Senior Contributor

To many people, driving can be quite a boring activity. Sitting in one stationary spot as well as paying attention to everything around may not seem enjoyable to most. Some may even see it as scary, as they put their lives and...

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Satyam Patel

Senior Contributor

In a predominantly white, Christian school like Canfield High School, students are exposed to very few diverse cultures.  Patel, though, along with a few others, is Hindu. “Canfield is definitely accepting of new...

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Victor Labra

Senior Contributor

Some people seek fame, longing for the joy that stardom, recognition and possessions may bring. In every human being there is a nature that drives us to be “seen.” For some, that validation comes from making the high school...

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Nate Cordova

Senior Contributor

Lots of people can be good at something they devote their time to, but what separates them from the great ones? The answer is one word: Motivation. Nate Cordova is a senior at Canfield High School who seems to truly underst...

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Lindsay Davis

Senior Contributor

Love, hope, certainty, and acceptance are just a few words that are used to describe Christianity. To Lindsay Davis, being a believer in Christ is a part of her everyday life, not just on Sundays. Davis is a senior at Canfield High School an...

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Abbi Havrilla

Sophomore Contributor

When looking into Canfield High School, there is a variety of sports, clubs and committees to be a part of as an attending student. For sophomore Abbi Havrilla, there was one thing that she was not officially a part of but en...

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Tara Santoro

Sophomore Contributor

With the new school year coming up, all of the fall sports are beginning their seasons. Among all of the fall sports, one in particular is girls soccer. A sophomore by the name of Tara Santoro is a member of the Canfield Soccer...

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Cameren Johnson

Freshman Contributor

When asked what hobbies Cameren Johnson likes to pursue in his free time, one specific activity came to mind: video games. Johnson’s strong fascination for this digital pastime started in fourth grade. His friends had alre...

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Alana Marzich

Senior Contributor

Cardio, flexibility, endurance, weight lifting, yoga, etc… are all different types of exercises. Exercising and physical activity is a good way to stay in shape and to be healthy. There are some people who enjoy working out...

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