Meet the president!


Student Government. The idea that students and teachers can collaborate together and achieve the same end goal. How are they able to do this? Senior class president Crescenzo Scheetz.

Scheetz decided to run for president after reflecting on his resume as a student. He thought that while he already did well academically, becoming president would be great for his career as a high schooler. 

Scheetz said, “I thought this would be a great way to grow my leadership skills and it would really look good for me.”

He continued, “Also, I wasn’t pleased with the way the high school was running due to the lack of collaboration with senior officers and classmates.”

During his time at the high school, Crescenzo fell in love with school traditions. In fact, the majority of his platform when running was based on bringing back traditions since many school favorites had to be sidelined due to Covid-19 for the past few years. He wanted to bring back spirit buses to support our football team at away games. Crescenzo also wanted to revive the old pep assemblies to boost school spirit.

Scheetz said, “They’re starting with the PBIS stuff and we’re going to see where that takes us.”

One of the greatest traditions at Canfield High School, and Crescenzo’s personal favorite, is the senior car. It was rumored that this would be the year that the car would finally come back after being gone since 2019. Crescenzo made it one of his top priorities to get the car back for his senior year, but unfortunately it was unobtainable. 

“I did get approval for the senior car after many meetings with administrators. Unfortunately, there were many stipulations that came with it and it seems quite impossible to do this year with such a short amount of time,” he said. 

Some may wonder, what responsibilities come along with the title of senior class president? Well, it isn’t just planning class reunions. Crescenzo and Mr. Moldovan work together to ensure that things run smoothly between students, faculty, and administrators. Whenever there is a rumor going around, Crescenzo is the person Mr. Moldovan asks for information.

Crescenzo also said, “I try to lead wherever there needs to be leadership.”

His junior year, Crescenzo was named one of the captains of the lacrosse team. Crescenzo believes that this role was the foundation he built his leadership skills from.

Crescenzo elaborated, “I went from leading about 50 kids on the lacrosse team to now leading 225 in the school, so it was a great opportunity.”

When asked about what legacy he wants to leave at Canfield High School he hopes the class of 2023 leaves a lasting legacy of “pride and leadership.” He also wants to ensure that we are remembered.

He simply said, “I want to make sure we leave a difference.”

After high school Crescenzo hopes to get into the back Med program at YSU so he can be fast tracked to NEOMED to study emergency medicine.