Adopt, don’t shop, at Angels for Animals

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Adopt, don’t shop, at Angels for Animals

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An organization, that finds and rescue a range of animals from kittens, cats, and dogs.

We meet with Robin Helscel, head office administration, and she is also in charge of volunteers. Angels for Animals rely on people who volunteer, without them they would not be open for business. Angels for Animals it’s a great organization that give a home to some very cute furry friends, and we got the opportunity to meet some.  

Meet some kittens and cats…

On the top of is Deli, a kitten who is a couple months old. She’s got different colored long hair.

Below Deli is Ed Sheeran, a few months old.

To the left of Ed is Florence. She is the same age as the others, yet she’s got a lot of energy in her. She loves to run and play for the few minutes we were with her.

This is Pixie, she is around 3 years. Her birthday  is January 4, 2015. After meeting Pixie, she keeps to herself, and is really sweet, relaxed cat.

Most of the cats and kittens that come to Angels for Animals are strays. All the cats we met were strays who found shelter at Angels for Animals.

This cat’s name is Boss, and he is 5 months old. He is a stray that just got back from foster care. Boss is really sweet and relaxed. He loves to be pet and cuddled, and he loves sunbathing.

Foster care is a temporary home mainly for cats, but occasionally for dogs that give these animals shelter without being with all the other animals. Foster care could be because there isn’t enough space for all the cats seeing as there is more than a hundred of them at Angels. For dogs, foster care is for “recovering or kennel stress.”

Now for the dogs…

It is a lot harder for the dogs to be in kennels. When walking in Angels for Animals’ dog wing, there is a commotion. However, there is something behind why these dogs run around and jump in their kennels so much. It’s called kennel deterioration. Many people are not educated about this issue meant dogs that live in shelters have to deal with. Kennel deterioration is when a dog has no place to let its energy out so it jumps around in circles, this also puts the dog in a lot of stress. The sad thing about this is it makes these dogs seem “too energetic” because they’d keep running in circles, but the fact is once they are let outside and are allowed to run around they don’t act “crazy.”

Meet Goldfish, a one year old male at Angels for Animals. Goldfish had been adopted but shortly brought back because the applicants said he didn’t work out, this along with kennel deterioration had put a toll on Goldfish mentally. However, once we brought him outside he was the most relaxed dog you could meet.


Another dog at Angels for Animals has a problem with other dogs, but when it comes to interacting with humans couldn’t be more happy and loving.


Her name is Sally, she is a free spirit. Just because she is a golden retriever does not mean she is an all around kind dog. As mentioned, she really does not get along with other dogs. You can not just expect that from her either because her breed. When we brought her outside she was just great to be around with only people. She was chasing the treats we through, and being very curious to everything around her. She has been at angels for animals for around six months, and started to get some kennel deterioration. If you have any interest in this dog please call, Angels for Animals.

After we walked through and meant with some of the most amazing cats an dogs, we went and interviewed a very gentle woman named Robin. She is the head of volunteering and education at Angels for Animals she mainly takes calls, and over looks all activities in the shelter while she is working. She was very kind, and helpful with providing us the information everyone should know. Before they think about wanting to get a cat or dog. It would clearly be more beneficial for people to adopt.

“The amount of time it takes for a pet to be adopted really depends on that certain animal.”, Robin goes on to explain that an animal can only be put  up for adoption once its health and everything has been evaluated and checks out good. “The longest I think we have have had a cat, is gonna be years. Most of the time before the Kitten enters our larger cat rooms, it is in foster care. That is how most of them get adopted.” The animals that go fastest are gonna be the  purebred breeds in dogs, and the most unique cat breeds. “ It is sad when a dog has been here for a longer amount of time, because dogs are most likely to experience kennel deterioration. Which makes them look a lot less attractive, and more aggressive to people looking to adopt. So we try to get the dogs put up online as fast as possible so that they can get sent to a foster home.”

Robin explains that a normal day at the shelter begins when volunteers come in early in the morning to clean all the litter boxes, cages, and give everyone their breakfast. Then a couple hours later our dog walkers come in, and walk every dog. They strongly rely on volunteers to come for walking dogs, since they can not afford to pay people. Starting at 12 pm people can come in and look at some of the animal they have. After six is when the dogs will get fed a second time, and then get time for themselves. Once again before dark, people come in, and clean all the cages, and litter boxes.

Angels for animals is an important organization, which protects our furry friends. With more support they can continue to save and find more homes for these animals.

Adopt, don’t shop.

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