The ultimate couple versus couple triathlon

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The ultimate couple versus couple triathlon

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In honor of prom season, and the ever persistent existential crisis that is young love, we decided to put a couple high school relationships to the test. We got together with another couple, and decided to challenge them to a competition. A duel. Atriathlon if you will.

In one day of break neck action we decided to see: which guy could correctly use his girlfriend’s makeup? Which team could answer the most correct questions about each other? And which girl could . . . be the best arms for the guy? *Insert dramatic gasp here.*

And yes . . . after a long fought battle, a victor emerged.

So join us in finding out which couple came out on top. Who achieved maximum adorableness? Which young dynamic duo proved that young love is not just a silly high school phenomena?

Also there was a VERY late promposal to open it all up, so there’s some added incentive to go watch some crazy people compete in a totally made up competition for the sole purpose of your entertainment.

Be sure to like, subscribe, comment, and most importantly enjoy! Of course any Cardinals that would like to fly over to YouTube, you may, and to everyone, thanks for watching! Until next time, stay quirky.


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