Billie Eilish reaches new heights with “Bury a Friend”

What makes Billie Eilish stand out as an artist is not her undeniable talent, but rather her young age. At only 17 years old, Billie is perhaps one of the most iconic artists of her time. Her recent single “Bury a Friend” has pushed her career to new heights.

Written by Billie and her older brother Phineas O’Connell, the song contains multiple themes. The most prevalent however, is the idea of monsters living under your bed. Although this topic has been written about by multiple artists, Billie incorporates an element of originality. The song is written from the perspective of the monster itself. She is not focusing on the torture a terrified child faces. Rather, she focuses on the creature, and the emotions it goes through as it inflicts terror upon a vulnerable child. By portraying the monster, Billie causes the audience to sympathize with it in a way. It causes viewers to rethink the age old idea of the terrifying thing that hides under your bed.

The most confusing part of the song is trying to figure out which Billie is the one we should be terrified of. Throughout the music video, it appears that the monster is an entirely other entity. But upon further analysis the audience begins to understand that the monster is Billie. In other words, Billie is singing to herself using the monster as her voice. This was also confirmed by the artist herself.

Throughout the video, the monster is questioning why Billie is not afraid of it. It is shocked that Billie almost shows a caring attitude. The majority of the remaining themes seem to be centered around negativity.

There is a reason that the audience feels bad for the monster. It has trapped itself under the bed. By constantly repeating the role, the creature has lost all other purpose. It is locked in a state of limbo. The monster is forever repeating its torturous deed.

“Bury a Friend,” which is also the title of her debut album, is the beginning of a new era of music. One which takes age-old ideas, and combines them to create something original.