The best and worst holiday movies, ACCORDING TO US

Much like in Cinderella, when the clock strikes midnight on November 1st, all magic from the Halloween season seems to transfer immediately to Mariah Carey’s hardened, crystallized shell, as she thaws her vocals out to sing “All I Want for Christmas is You” for the dreadful billionth time. It is now Christmas. Hide your loved ones. Prepare yourself.

One of the best things to do during the Christmas season is to spend time with friends and family bundled up in a cozy, warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa, watching holiday movies. Everybody has their favorites– whether they grew up with them or found them surfing Netflix. But one thing is for sure: some are chillingly better than others. 

Our three team members; Nicole, Hailey, and Becca, ranked both their favorite and least favorite movies of the season. Because of this, the listing is in no particular order. 

Nicole — It’s a Wonderful Life 

If there’s one movie I’d recommend to absolutely anybody, it’s It’s a Wonderful Life. Not only do I consider this the ultimate Christmas movie, but I also consider it one of the best movies of all time. What starts as a story about a man’s life and how he ended up in the town he swore to leave, soon evolves into a tale about the beauty of existence itself, and the things we tend to take for granted.  An angel shows this man, on a very frustrating and hopeless Christmas Eve, what life would be like had he never existed. The journey enables him to realize just how much of an impact we all have on the planet and to those around us. It’s not only heartwarming and nostalgic, but uplifting as well- perfect for the generous spirit of the holiday season.

Hailey Home Alone 

Home Alone should always be on the top of anyone’s Christmas to watch movie list. It is a classic family movie and will always be. This movie twists the thoughts of what any youngster would have because Kevin, the youngest and brattiest of the family, is left at home without any parental supervision. His whole family went to Paris without him by accident and he is thrilled. I don’t know how many children would have this mindset, but he surely does. This movie is perfect for cuddling in some warm blankets with hot chocolate in your hands. 

Becca — A Christmas Carol (2009)

A must-watch movie is the 2009 rendition of A Christmas Carol. Following Charles Dickens’ classic novel, the movie focuses on a man named Ebenezer Scrooge and his journey of self-redemption with the help of three Christmas ghosts. This movie teaches the importance of generosity, empathy, and compassion: the true meaning of Christmas.

The Worst

Nicole – The Star Wars Christmas Special

Earning a mere 27% on Rotten Tomatoes and unanimously detested by everybody who’s had the misfortune of watching it, George Lucas’s attempt at a Christmas special in a galaxy far, far away should stay far, far away from your TV screen. The special focuses mainly on… Chewbacca, and his… family? Who, as anybody with a twinge of pop-culture awareness knows, don’t speak any English. Meaning, that the dialogue mostly consists of Wookie noises. Yikes. When the narrative shifts away from them, it instead focuses on a strange array of guest star appearances, ranging anywhere from The Golden Girls star Bea Arthur to Harvey Korman in drag teaching the audience how to bake. The actual segments with the golden trio of Luke, Leia, and Han Solo, are very clearly rushed and uninspired. There are even rumors that Carrie Fisher showed up to the set drunk out of her mind– the only physical state one can watch this movie in. From start to finish

Hailey — A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish 

A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish is one of the worst Christmas movies out there. The reason for this is because everything seems so random and does not really hold a plot in my opinion. When I take the time to sit down and watch a movie I want it to be great, do not waste an hour and a half of your life. Eighty percent of people liked this movie, and in my opinion that 

Becca — Santa Girl

The 2019 Santa Girl movie is a disgrace to all things Christmas. Cassie Claus, the main protagonist, explores college life before she is expected to marry the son of Jack Frost and take over for her father. Secretly on the side, Jack Frost plots to sabotage the Claus family through the arranged marriage. Not only does this movie plot have absolutely zero substance, the acting is subpar at best. It is difficult to focus on this movie when you are constantly questioning the casting directors’ decisions.

There’s something for everybody to enjoy during the holiday season. Whether that’s having the mere company of family and friends surrounding the fireplace, or sipping on hot cocoa at the dinner table,