School just doesn’t feel the same. At least, not yet

As we reach the end of the middle of the first semester, many seniors are beginning to reminisce on their past years in high school and how the 2021-2022 school year is going so far. 

The general consensus over these past three years is that Canfield High School has lost the liveliness and energy that made all of the events so much fun and interesting. While Covid, obviously, played a role in this change of attitude, many seniors are left wondering whether or not the school will ever return to the original atmosphere. 

Thankfully, the student section at football games was reinstated which has helped overall morale, not only for the football team but for the school as a whole. Football player, Oliver Kovass, and cheerleader, Allison Schrock both commented on how having the student section back makes the games much more enjoyable for everyone there, and how it helps the team.

Kovass said how having the student section “helps us win, people think.”

Schrock noted how “it is a big part of what we [cheerleaders] do, we cheer towards fans.” Not having the student section negatively affected how the football team and the cheerleaders saw the fall season last year and when Covid was at its peak. 

Looking back, it’s easy to see how much the high school has changed in the past two years. The energy has evolved with Covid and senior, Jenna Vrabel, commented on what the high school used to look like her freshman year: “It was a lot more alive and energetic. Everything was busy. It always felt like something new was happening because of all the different events.” 

As the years go by, the high school doesn’t feel quite the same anymore. Some of the seniors begin to think about their experiences freshman year and how they are now the last grade to undergo a full year at the high school untouched by Covid. Will the high school ever look the way it did that first year? We’ll just have to see.