You Me Oui offers trendy, delicious fun

You Me Oui is a cute, trendy coffee shop and boutique located on Boardman Canfield Road in Boardman, connected to Burke Decor.

You Me Oui’s coffee is not only delicious, but made with fresh, organic ingredients. With clothing, jewelry, and a hangout spot, You Me Oui truly has it all.

The coffee shop has been around for over a year, but not that many people know about it. We wanted to try their food and coffee, and also find out why they had opened You Me Oui. We interviewed manager Taylor Watkins, we first wanted to address how long it took to construct the shop.

Watkins said, “It was originally supposed to be done by July of 2019 and we started construction over here in June.” 

She then laughed, and said, “We did not open until December, like late December. So it took a long time and we kept coming up with ideas.”

After asking Watkins why they had picked the location they did, she replied with, “So we had our other store Burke Decor which is right next door here for about ten years now. When we opened we thought this is great we can connect the two.”

One of our last questions was “What is the purpose of this shop?” and to that, Watkins said, “So you can sip coffee, hangout with friends, and also go shopping at the same time.”

Overall, our group rated You Me Oui a 10/10. The service was amazing, the workers were friendly, and helpful in helping us decide what to order. The environment was very warm and welcoming, When we got there we were surrounded by plants, and a nice modern setting. It felt like we were transported out of Canfield Ohio. The food was delicious, and fresh, they had a variety of drink options as well, so everybody was able to find something to enjoy. If you get the chance to go there, you will not be disappointed.