Who has the best apple cider around?

Haley Tisone, Alana Zoldan, and Mia Flak

As October begins, many Americans purchase a classic fall drink: apple cider. Different ciders can be purchased fresh from the farm or at your local grocery store. Is the drive out to the farm worth it? Or can you simply pick it up on your next shopping trip? We have purchased three different brands of ciders to find out for you! 

The first cider we tried was from Haus Orchards and Cider Mill. We had high expectations for this one, but it did not live up to them. It tasted too sweet and resembled apple juice more than apple cider. This was very surprising because Haus Orchards is a family owned farm that prides itself on good homemade products, and Cider is in its name! Perhaps if you prefer a very sweet cider, this one would be better for you.

The second cider we tasted was Hays Orchard Original from Walmart. This cider tasted more watered down and the sour apple flavor was overpowered by the sweetness. We had previously assumed that out of all the ciders this one would taste the worst and our assumption was proven correct. 

The last cider that we tried was from Whitehouse Fruit Farms. This one had the perfect balance of sweet and sour! Whitehouse Fruit Farm also makes their cider homemade, similar to Haus Orchards, but Whitehouse Fruit Farm has absolutely perfected their recipe for the ultimate tasty fall drink! This is the perfect cider for just about anyone because it has just the right amount of sugar and that fresh apple flavor!

In conclusion, the drive out to the farms for cider is worth it if you are headed to Whitehouse, but not if you’re headed to Haus Orchards and Cider Mill. You can stop at your local grocery store for an okay tasting cider, but for the best of the best, we recommend heading out to Whitehouse. We ranked the drinks: Whitehouse Fruit Farm as our absolute favorite, first place! Walmart’s as our runner up, coming in at second place. Lastly, Haus Orchard and Cider Mill is our last choice.