How traveling can impact your life

Paris Palcisco, Junior Contributor

Ever feel that urge to get out of your normal life and try new things? That’s your travel intuition inside of you telling you that it’s time to hop on a plane. Traveling is something that almost everyone has done once or twice in their life, whether it’s going to another country or even an hour away. But how does traveling impact one’s entire life? It seems as though it’s just a short and simple temporary answer, but the effects of your experience will affect you forever. 

Starting from your first memorable trip, you will grow a fire inside and a passion to do more of it as often as possible. Food, fashion, art, and music are all things that are diverse when it comes to going to a new destination. The most important part about traveling is seeing other cultures and how much they differ from ours here. It makes you want to never come back, because the overall experience just shows the lack of what you don’t have in your own home town. Traveling is often looked at as an opportunity to escape from life’s problems for a few days to weeks in hopes to clear your mind. Exploring different parts of the world and meeting new people can benefit individuals in ways you can never imagine.

The knowledge you gain from traveling is something you can’t get from a textbook. Being there in person makes you learn something new first hand and could possibly inspire you to live your life according to that culture. Culture is something that is diverse for everyone, whether you are going to Florida or going to France.  Being exposed to new cultures changes a person for the better by making them more outgoing.

The feeling of being in a new and different environment when on vacation is a feeling like no other. Experiencing a different vibe from the one that comes from your hometown is refreshing. It makes you think about how different the two places are and makes you either appreciate your life more or want to do better. 

So overall traveling is a must do for everyone. Get out of your comfort zone and go explore some different places!