Reading can be fun. Seriously.

Jenna Vrabel and Ally Wilson

The Hunger Games, DivergentHarry Potter, and Twilight, teenagers loved these sagas. All of these movie series have one thing in common, they were first books. Even today, popular teen movies such as, To All The Boys I Loved Before and Love, Simon were originally best selling novels. The majority of teens have seen one of these movies before, yet many teens admit they do not enjoy reading. Why do teens enjoy movies but do not want to read the original story? 

For centuries, the most common way to pass time was reading. Classical works that many students are taught were written in this era. However, students have stopped enjoying reading. Students think of reading as a chore; they only do it when they have to for school. Teens agree that reading is ‘boring’, so what do they fill their time with?

Today, electronics have taken the world by storm; the majority of adults rely on cell phones and computers in their daily lives.  The question is, how much of this reliance has affected teens, and how much has it brought them away from reading?

 We interviewed forty people to see what they think about reading and how long they are on their phones.  Nowadays, kids would rather go on social media or play online games,instead of reading a good book. When we surveyed underclassmen, only six out of the twenty-one students said that they enjoy reading.However, when surveyed the upperclassmen had a much higher rate of students who enjoyed reading, but they also tended to go on their phones more as well. About 74% of the underclassmen we surveyed, play on their phones over 3 hours a day. Teenagers play on their phones and play video games, when they are not in school. They are constantly on social media or video games, and missing the adventures in front of them.

Nonfiction, biographies, young adult, and science fiction. These are just a few of the vast amount of genres to read from. Students who choose to read often can find a favorite. Once they find their niche, they often find more books they enjoy. Especially now with the quarantine, students will feel cooped up in their homes, with nothing but homework and a phone to play on. We encourage students to find a few books at your house, and maybe read one. You may enjoy it.