Which is better, Chipotle or Hot Heads?

Soha Bajwa, Sophomore Contributor

Which is better, Chipotle or Hot Heads? Some argue Chipotle while others argue Hot Heads. It’s almost split 50/50, but not quite.

I went around and asked 50 people which place they like better, and they all had their reasons for their choice. 26 out of the 50 people chose Chipotle. 23 out of the 50 chose Hot Heads. Why is that? Well, that depends on who chose what.

The minority, with a vote of 23 out of 50, said that Hot Heads had some very nice reasons for their choice. Some individuals from that minority stated that it just tastes better. That is obviously their opinion. Maybe the reason their opinion formed was because they have different taste buds or they have never even tried a single bite of Chipotle.

Another reason some people chose Hot Heads was because of their sauce options. Chipotle does not have sauce options, but Hot Heads does. Many customers very much enjoy topping off their burritos, bowls, tacos, etc. with the sauces at Hot Heads.

Now, let’s talk about Chipotle. 26 out of the 50 people chose it, making Chipotle the majority. Some people said the taste is better, more fresh. Others said that they have just never had Hot Heads, like some people have never had Chipotle. A third reason some people stated was because of the Guacamole sold at Chipotle. Although Hot Heads does sell Guacamole, Chipotle’s is made more fresh and has a better taste, according to a few people who voted.

Now, you must be wondering, “What about the one vote not included in either side?” Well, that one vote said that to them, it really just depends on what they are in the mood for. It depends on whether or not they want sauces, Guacamole, or what taste they are craving, because if you have been to both places, you would know they both have very different tastes. 

Both places have most of the same variety, but some of their ingredients have a different variety. While Chipotle has guacamole, Hot Heads has different sauces. But both places are very much enjoyed!