When is the right time to turn on the Christmas music?

Olivia Love, Junior Contributor

Everyone is aware of the biggest debate of the fall/winter time period.  The argument that causes yelling, plugging ears, and even aggressively turning off the radio while yelling and plugging ears, depending on your stance. 

The question is when it is appropriate to start listening to Christmas music. 

Halloween and Thanksgiving are my two favorite holidays, so I choose to give them their time to shine and refuse to listen to any Christmas songs until after the two holidays are over.  However, I have been through many repeated arguments with people close to me that start listening to them as soon as before Halloween. These are typically those like my brother or cousin that spend their entire year counting down the days until Christmas morning.  In an attempt to figure out what the correct response really is to this controversial question, I asked 50 Canfield students for their opinions using a survey with three options: before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving, or before Halloween.  

The results of the survey were surprisingly evenly matched. 

Two people said they start listening to Christmas music before Halloween, one of them even saying that they will listen to the songs as early as over the summer.  24 people said they start listening before Thanksgiving and only one more person (25) said they wait until after.

It shocked me, as I’m sure it would anyone who is as firm with their stance as I am, to see how evenly matched the first two options were.  I figured going into this experiment that I would either be proven obviously right, or completely wrong. While the results technically showed the majority agreeing with me, if I would have given the survey to just two more students, I could have just as easily been proven wrong. 

This just shows that there will never be a clear answer to when it is appropriate to start listening to Christmas music. It is purely based on one’s personal preference and when you start getting into the holiday spirit. Clearly I do realize that regardless of my findings, the argument will never stop. As humans, we are inherently stubborn, and even if there is no right answer, nobody wants to say that their opinions are wrong.  They will continue to yell, plug their ears, and cause riots over the seemingly simple act of playing “Frosty the Snowman” through the aux on November 1st.  

Fortunately though, the vast majority do believe that before Halloween is too early. So, whether you’re the “It’s never too early for Christmas music” type of person or the “Grinch until November 29th” kind,  the time will come very soon when the debate is temporarily silenced by holiday spirit.