What gas station is better, Sheetz or GetGo?

Cameron Hoover and Logan Peservich

In Canfield, there are not that many places to go to. The two main places everyone seems to go to are  gas stations Sheetz and GetGo, but which one is better?

GetGo reopened a few years ago at a new location just down the road. GetGo added kiosks for made to order food, and a nice area to sit and eat.

It has become quite the popular spot to high schoolers after games and parties and what not.

Sheetz on the other hand just reopened at the beginning of this year after recent remodeling. 

Sheetz added an outdoor seating area and an indoor seating area with TV’s as well as kiosks with made to order food.

With the recent re-opening of Sheetz which gas station is better? 

Personally, I am a die hard Sheetz fan, with the app it is really easy to order your food ahead of time and pay for it on your phone or when you pick it up. 

You also get points every time you order food and can redeem them for awards such as a free hotdog or five cents off each gallon of gas you put in your car.

GetGo may have fuel perks for grocery shopping – you receive money off per gallon of gas with perks – but most high schoolers don’t have to go grocery shopping. 

So I prefer Sheetz over GetGo because the food is way better, as well as the seating area, and you can get points every time you buy something there.